20110821 FLY (T62(US))
2011-08-26 Fri 16:38
After that,My XRAY XII obtained MAX rebound and No-SUS setting.
This is a story"The ultimate" when I drove Xray XII link in modified 6.5T.

As such time, I keep smile and I make a shout in center of the world.
Cost to repair Howwwwwwwwww Much?

If you ask a girl shinjuku pink area,you can get an answer "30,000 to 50,000 yen"
Sorry,it's joke ^ ^ ;

After having tested it for 1/12 racing super stock class(13.5T No timing)
I changed a motor for 6.5T.
In fact, it is the first time that I use 6.5T + 1s 3.7V set.
Course in

Oh! It is a wonderful,torque fully"TOTEMO KIMOCHI GA II(*゚∀゚)ィィ!!"
Best Lap 8.842sec(in 2nd or 3rd)ave 9.0~9.1sec
So,Good Balance

After running few pack,I enter into a battle mode VS Kenp_san.
The Full Throttle

Takeoff just before the straight end
The scene
XRAY XII(BLAIRs's) and XRAY XII(Kenp's) run max speed side by side.
I can look my pink rabbit body front part!
Oh! front lip

The rear tire rises next,too
Oh! No! do you want to fly?
Information from a cabin attendant.
"We fall"

I made my new job.
However, I OK it because I was fun!^^;

I confirmed the state of XII in one hour and completed repair.
The broken point is the front damper post nylon parts that connected ball end.
Only as for it.

Great XRAY is an ultimate rc car
The machine which spends money on a design and planning is good.

After repair,I drove XII link to check conditions and setting.
I make new best lap 8.821sec ave 9.0sec

Very Good!
I took it easy afterward and returned.
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