20110717 1/12R super stock 13.5T BLAIRs's view US(T66)
2011-09-18 Sun 00:00
Io's XII is the fastest machine.
Pink usa(BLAIRs's) & Pink ROBO usa(Io) Debut!

Well I forgot recording because I took too much it easy ^^;
I tell you about the contents of the race in my viewpoint.

BLAIRs's found "IORI is strict with PAPA."
Today's BLAIRs's and Io's PIT
The machine of Io is near to the best setting.

Kenp(race winner) PIT
The person who was loved by a goddess!

FJ(Yamasan's Frined) PIT
His best lap is considerably fast, however, he had a machine trouble.

Itsuchi_san look so busy,I thought to take the photograph later,after that I forgot it.

☆☆☆☆The situation of the race.☆☆☆☆

■1. Practices 1(best lap)
BLAIRs try with SMC 28C and choice rollout 88.
.....rollout is too high rate ; ;
Best 9.6sec 3th position.

■2. Practices 2(race 4min)
BLAIRs try with SMC 28C and rollout reset 83.(Because Io used 60C)

A start in the no errors.(This is result of the exercises)
And BLAIRs's XII got good feel by reset rollout.
I fight for the top with KENP in the early stages of the race.

Tail to nose ..... 2min later.

It crashes together”MAJI-Death KA”!
※Japanese mean is so bad.

But I got A goddess kiss.
I am Top pos, difference of the turn to help.

Alone! running Lucky! It is just finish.

Get TQ Best lap 9.5sec.

■3. Final(race 8min)
BLAIRs try with SMC 60C and rollout reset 83.(Last pack)

My starts is good,
I kept top running in the early stages, but in the middle stage was heavy.
KENP came up behind of BLAIRs......

So Wandaful Yabai!

Top and 2nd made W-crash! AHODETH-KA

In this time,KENP got the smile of the goddess!
※His XII was helped turn 1st!

BLAIRs's position became the behind for two seconds.(Can we get chance?)

Next Io attacked Me.(OH no!) behind 2sec → 7sec

And more Io attack me second time!(Io's XII had a top speed than others)
behind 7sec → +1Lap +1sec

Give up!

Finished 2nd position.
Seance of Final starts(race 8min)


■Impressions from others
・All no-timing(ESC & motor) regulation is very easy, and so fun.
・Big advantage hardly occurs in ESC.
・The machine torque fully & there is not unpleasant acceleration.
・Importance of keeping best line and the machine setup.
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