20110813  Is ”Speed Way PAL” Revival spring?(T63)
2011-08-13 Sat 23:59
20110813 Speed Way PAL with Chukyo FICO members.
As you Know,The F.I.C.O means First In Course Out.

Today is special one day of a year.
Another call,Hi-ru Yo-ru Pa-l
Speed Way Pal is paradise for MADAO(=MAJIDE DAMENE OTONA)

Blairs's contensts
1.Setup EXOTEK F103(104) TENGU 30T for Speed way pal.
2.Result PAL Night Race F1 class,11th Finished.

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Do you need a continuance?

I came in Pal Speed Way in morning.
The my items were only F103 EXOTEK conversion and some parts.
BLAIRs's pit.
Xray XII link? It's My XII is in the house.

Setup start,now!
The first step. Photo from こんぺハウス
Put on teflon guard sheet of AE.

I dislike that a chassis is damaged
From the reason,I protect a chassis,very important.

Friends pit!
Familiar scene.

(^^; Setup starts for Pal nightrace.

Start set
6.6V 6.5T SXX stock speck
Front zen HR
Rear zen 25
Center spring HPI black oil350
Side AE black oil 250
Hight 3.2-3.2-3.2mm

The feeling that is near to a spin mode when I grasp a throttle.
I almost die with low grip.
This pattern is Machine go to heaven story.

I had 3 roots,White out,Black out and Cource out

I shout! What's best?

1 hour later,I selected to change the power source ,VFS(rental from twtoshi-san) Tenge 30T that's Pal Night race spec.

And try and crash many times.

F103 EXOTEK was considerably tough.
The particle did not think about ...... more fun,
Why am I here?
Watching Susuki satomi AV movie in the cooling house or Doing the pink play in Shinjuku kabuki_cho,

3 hour later,setup complete
Front zen HR(55 new)
Rear zen 25(57 new)
Center spring HPI AE GOLD oil350
Side AE Blue oil 250
Hight 4.2-4.2-4.2
Axle assy rental from tqtoshi-san

Practiced 1st.
Best lap 14.36 The latest time in the second group.


I will get ready to return to the house at now.
New front tire dimmer present the King of heavy under steering for me.

No time to resetup!
..I changed front tire dimmer 53mm(used)....

Practiced 2nd.
Best lap 13.660 Class B-Main Uwawawawawawawannn ; ;

B-Main Final 1st
The start makes a mistake as usual.
However, B-main Goddess presented traveling alone to me.

Pole to McCartney finish.

B-Main Final 2nd

I start this time and make a mistake,too,tooooooooooon.
Goddess was about to sometimes go into mischief.

Why!! you said i love you...?

I was able to go for a trip of the search for one oneself this time somehow.
5 minute later B-main race finish.

Total 11th position.
Thank you for everybody who had you cooperate.

Oh, 8.13PAL was an interesting event at this year too.
Please read blog of my friends about Another special contents.

Very happy 1day!

Special thanks for tqtoshi,Yamasan & Poko,sapodora,waka,Hiropon,t?ki.....and Staff of PAL.
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